OBJECTIVES: To ascertain which sector has the highest frequency of editorial comments among the following sectors- Education and Technology; Health; Corruption; Power; and Governance. To draw conclusions on the level of commitments of these newspapers to Nigeria nation. To identify different issues highlighted in these editorial and therefore present a summary of them and broadcast it through different channels. To send letter of commendation to the newspaper for highest focus in a sector. To give yearly awards to newspaper that had highest contribution on an issue in a sector.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Nigerian Prisoners will not dare this

California prison hunger strike ends
Prisoners in Nigerian prisons will not dare what their Canadian fellows did. They will die like chickens without anyone noticing their passage. Of course Nigeria prisons is a place from media reports where criminals are hardened rather than rehabilitated. I heard the story of a fellow that on completion of his jail term he would be repatriated to Nigeria wish that he would commit another crime same day so that he would be returned to prison rather than return to his country-Nigeria.

Let those in authority make our prisons better and more humane

Friday, August 30, 2013

Generator Spewing Fumes

Generators at a shopping mall few metres away from one of the wards at Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Students whose living hostels are not far away are not spared either. The entire community is also sharing in this hazard-one of the indicators of negligence of Nigerian government.

Unique Stowaway with a difference

Puzzle as Daniel puts Nigeria on global stowaway list: http://besoci.al/lcmi8 Sent from punchng newspaper http://besoci.al/lcmi9

Monday, August 19, 2013

Making it to the position of a ruler in Nigeria

It is true that making to the top is difficult in any society and it answers to dedication and hard work. In Nigeria as especially with the political class you have to show that you are prepared to trample on anyone on your way and if necessary kill, cheat, and have a godfather you must answer to even to the detriment of the people you represent. The language money speaks  in Nigerian politics is; use me to get what you want and get as much as you can get provided you play along with all the elements of corruption,  then power become cheap.